Personal Data Protection Act

  • All personal data shall protected by DABAO (SEREMBAN) DELIVERY SERVICES.

Delivery Fee

  • Delivery fee will be charged accordingly distance from merchant to your location.

Return & Refund Policy

  • To ensure customer satisfaction, please find our complain and refund workflow and policy as below:
    Please find below complaints’ scenarios and our advice of action
Criticality Complaints Recommended action
High Wrong Food delivered Our sincerely apology and Please contact 012-231 6521 immediately, we will take immediate action to fix your order or we are willing to perform a Full / Partial refund to you.
High Missing item from ordered list
High Food received in bad condition
High Overdue delivery for more than 20 minutes and did not receive phone calls from us
High Attitude issue with our rider
High Cancel order We are sorry that once order is confirmed and payment has been made, it is not possible to cancel the order or refund.
Medium Food received – more than 15 minutes delayed Please WhatApp to 012-231 6521 or email to to log a complain. We can’t act on this immediately however by accumulating the complaint statistic, we shall look into improving our service. Therefore, your feedback is extremely important to us
Low Any other suggestion for improvement We are more than happy to receive your suggestion. Please feel free to email us at
Important notice:
  • • We will deliver your food to your doorstep therefore it is extremely important that you provide the correct address and contact number of the recipient.
  • • When our rider arrived you place, they are prompted to contact you so please ensure you are reachable through the phone number that provided.
  • • Please expect buffer of 15 minutes delay / advance in delivery as it is very much depending on the traffics and weather conditions.
  • • If your destination of delivery is in a high-rise building, our rider will call you at the lobby and wait for your pickup there. Or if you agree, we can leave your delivery to the security. We seek your understanding as this is our precaution control of the Covid-19 pandemic.


  • DABAO (SEREMBAN) DELIVERY SERVICES将采取适当的技术措施和组织措施来保护个人数据


  • 我们将会根据商家和目的地的距离收取递送费

退货 & 退款条款

  • 为了确保能提供有质量的服务,您对我们的服务回馈很重要。
事态 投诉 建议和回复
严重 送错食物 非常抱歉,请你马上联络012-231 6521 我们会马上处理有关问题,改正错误完成送餐工作。或给与全额/部分退款。
严重 送少了食物
严重 收到的食物品质或状态很差
严重 超过20分钟没收到送餐,也没收到我们的电话
严重 送餐员态度问题
严重 取消订单 不好意思,下单和付款后,我们无法处理取消订单或退款。
中等 收到食物但迟到超过15分钟 请您WhatApp我们客服 012-231 6521 或发邮件到。 很抱歉,我们无法马上采取行动但您宝贵的意见我们不能轻视。我们会进行统计和研究,有计划的改善我们的服务。请务必提供单号以方便我们内部检讨。
其他任何意见 很高兴能收到你的建议,请把宝贵的已经发到
  • • 我们的承诺是送餐到您家门,所以您提供正确的收货地址和联络人电话攸关重要。
  • • 我们的送餐员到达目的地后会第一时间联络收货人,请务必确保收货人的联络电话畅通。
  • • 送餐时间可能出现15分钟前/后的误差,这是绝大部分会是因为不可抗的交通和天气因素,敬请体谅。
  • • 如果您的送餐地址是在高楼内,送餐员到了大堂处会联络您,请您到大堂处取餐。如果你同意的话,我们也可以把送餐转交驻守在大堂处的管理人员。应对疫情,我们尽量减少进出高楼,以避免引起其他住客不必要的担忧。
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