Toast House Kitchen

Toast House Kitchen

1:30 PM - 8:00 PM Closed on: Monday

Delivery Service (外送服务)

Pickup at shop •  Seremban
Bento Set 精美便当 Bento Set 精美便当
Set Lunch & Dinner 套餐 Set Lunch & Dinner 套餐
Soup 汤 Soup 汤
Salad 沙拉 Salad 沙拉
Pasta 意粉 Pasta 意粉
Main Course 主菜 Main Course 主菜
Snacks 小吃 Snacks 小吃

Main Course 主菜

Per page :

Giant Prawn Cheese Spaetzle

RM 71.30


Herb Marinated Chicken With Brown Sauce

RM 28.80


New Zealand Ribeye Steak

RM 75.90


Pan – Seared Salmon With lemon Herb Sauce

RM 67.90


Toast House Fried Chicken

RM 27.50

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