The Muffin House

The Muffin House

10:30 AM - 7:30 PM Closed on: Thursday Saturday Sunday

Delivery Service (外送服务)

Pickup at shop (店里取货) •  Seremban
Bento Set 精美便当 Bento Set 精美便当
Business Class Bento 商务便当 Business Class Bento 商务便当
Healthy Set 健康套餐 Healthy Set 健康套餐
Cake Set 蛋糕配套 Cake Set 蛋糕配套
Drinks 饮料 Drinks 饮料

Cake Set 蛋糕配套

Per page :

Cake Set 【 1 Slice of Cake + 1 Drinks】

RM 17.90

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